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First HOT MELT PUR adhesive for panel wrapping that works below 100°C

New market trends have led to a growing use of heat-sensitive foils with very low or no embossing for the lamination of exterior door panels. This can create quite a few application problems when working with “traditional” temperatures.

In fact, on some foils, high temperatures may change the surface finish (such as the opacity of the foil). This has stimulated our R&D department to develop a dedicated solution, adding a new product to the range, the HMPUR TK 1308.18 adhesive.

This adhesive meets the demand for lamination at low application temperatures, even on roll coaters with 1350 mm coating heads. In panel lamination, 1308.18 is suitable for use at temperatures of up to 90°C, both of the glue and of the slot nozzle, thus significantly reducing the deformation of the foil with unsightly dents and creases that spoil the panel finish.

In fact, 1308.18 guarantees excellent application results using lower temperatures than foiling with “traditional” foils, thus preserving the quality of the foil with optimal aesthetic results. Furthermore, 1308.18 can be used for both the exterior (PVC- PP- HPL etc.) and interior market (MDF or Chipboard and PVC), making this adhesive a versatile product.

The glue 1308.18 can also be used for edges or profiles in the presence of low thickness and soft foils with simple geometries. This product is certified according to GKFP RAL 716 for use in combination with the 171 or 171M primer and the LOW VOC primers WPN3 and WPN 10.

TK 1308.18:

  • Low temperature melting glue (90-100°C) 
  • Medium-low initial bond strenght.
  • Medium-high hydrolisis resistance.
  • Ideal for:
    • Flat surfaces.
    • Panels with low temperatures.
    • Thermosensitive foils.